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Be Boho Chic by wearing pants!

Be Boho Chic by wearing pants!

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As a garment emblematic of women's emancipation, the pants are nowadays found in every woman's wardrobe. Besides the social and cultural importance, some women prefer to wear pants rather than a skirt or a dress simply because of simplicity, comfort and/or aestheticism.

Although the maxi dress remains the star of the boho fashion, the pants are not to be forgotten. Whether flared or flowing, they will match remarkably well with the boho tops in your wardrobe.

You are one of these women who enjoys wearing pants ? 😉 Check out these boho chic outfit ideas with pants, and you' ll look fashionable all year round !

The incredible history of the pants

first women in pants

If pants are a mixed garment nowadays, this was not always the case. This piece, which covers the two legs separately, was subject to many debates. Previously regarded as a symbol of virility and power, the pants were exclusively reserved for the men. Even worse, it was very grotesque at that time to wear such an outfit when you were of the weaker sex.

Only after the French Revolution women began to wear pants, the pomp of the sans-culottes, as an opposition to the Aristocracy. However, this practice did not last for long.

In 1800, "cross-dressing permission" allowed women to wear pants under the condition of an authorization obtained at the police headquarters. Thus, this clothing was tolerated for medical reasons or for those who practiced a "man's" profession. However, many women circumvented the law. It was at this period that George Sand and some famous actresses turned it into a symbol of the feminism.

Only from the sixties onwards, this garment became unisex, partly due to the practice of certain sports such as horse riding or cycling. Progressively, the pants began to make their way into the women's wardrobe to become the favorite garment of many women today.

By the way, did you know that the ban on women wearing pants was officially lifted only in 2013 ?

A boho chic outfit wearing flowing pants

In summer, we appreciate lightweight fabrics such as linen, cotton, and airy textiles that gently follow the curves without constraining the body. The flowing boho pants are totally in line with the boho chic style. Besides being trendy, this garment is very pleasant to wear and protects your legs from external aggressions, whether the sun rays 🌞 or thorns, while walking along the seaside, for example.

Go for vertical stripes to refine your legs or a colorful floral version 🌸 to brighten up your summer days. Another great boho style piece to wear is the tie pants, to be tied around the waist. Pick a wide or flared fit that will allow some air to circulate during warm days.

You can match your flowing pants with a nice t-shirt or a crochet crop top. Also, opt for flat or heeled sandals depending on your activities.

Jeans, perfect for the mid-season

Flare Jeans / Bootcut / Boyfriend Jeans.

Jeans have been the ultimate pants for many generations. Declined in numerous fits, this timeless denim perfectly matches many styles 👖.

 Bootcut, the big fashion trend of the 2000s, which is making a comeback. A fitted denim that gradually flares out from the knees, allowing to wear boots. These jeans harmonize the body shape by erasing small curves.

✔ The flare jeans, very fashionable in the 70s and still in vogue today. Contrary to the skinny which tends to squeeze the legs, the flare jeans widens out largely starting from the knee just as the eph pants do.  Jane Birkin's favorite piece, the flare offers a little nostalgia to those who miss these golden days.

✔ The boyfriend jeans, a straight and wide fitted model that rolls up at the ankle. Used loosely, they make an impression of being way too big. These are the sort of pants you could snatch from your boyfriend. Both chic and casual, this slightly masculine style fits perfectly in the bohemian trend.

Preferably select a slightly faded color as well as a slightly destroyed fabric for being even more stylish.

With wide or flare jeans, you can match a boho blouse or tunic, a vintage t-shirt or a short top. The advantage of these models is that they can be combined with boots, pumps, espadrilles, sneakers or even heeled sandals in order to lengthen the silhouette.

A canvas pants for a feminine boho chic look

Whatever the time of the year, impossible to miss out on the famous palazzo with its elegant and casual look that marked the seventies.

Characterized by great fashion icons, these loose-fitting, high-waisted pants are particularly elegant. We still remember the tall silhouette of Greta Garbo and Katherine Hepburn 🤩.

Nowadays, the palazzo is reinventing itself with a variety of colors and patterns. So switch from tight slims to oversized, super-comfortable wide-legged pants.

The canvas pants adapt to all seasons. In summer, you will appreciate the comfort of cotton, linen or hemp with refreshing properties and pastel colors. In winter, you will go for a warmer fabric like flannel or satin with darker shades.

Compose a one-color outfit to lengthen your silhouette or opt for a variety of tones. White, black and gray also match very well with most of the colors. So, when wearing brown canvas pants, you can combine it with a beige or black blouse, for example.

You can also combine a warm color with a cold color but always pick the soft, natural shades 🌿 for a boho chic style.

Make your outfit 100% boho chic by combining your pants with a silk or lace blouse tucked into it. For infinitely long legs, take your pumps or platform sandals and wear a crop-top. Great effect guaranteed ! Lastly, for a slightly more casual look, you can put on a graphic tee and some sneakers.

A bohemian chic style, even during winter, thanks to velvet pants

For winter, we like soft materials which will keep you warm 🔥 ! Velvet pants are just perfect for that reason. This elegant fabric offers great comfort and warmth and is very pleasant to wear when the cold days are approaching.

Previously, the velvet was a noble fabric, reserved for the Nobility, before being democratized. Later on, it was used for designing work clothes, thanks to its great resistance and its thickness which provides a very good thermal insulation. Thus, workers, farmers and even the military, often wore velvet.

Since the 1950s, the velvet fabric regularly returns in the spotlight. After being ignored in the 2000s, today velvet is used by many luxurious brands, at the height of its elegance.

Corduroy gives structure to the pants for a retro boho chic style. Opt for a loose-fitting high waisted model, either straight or flared off from the knee. This year once again, the 7/8 cut that ends at the ankle line is very trendy. We absolutely love the fall tones 🍁 , such as ochre, brown, beige and khaki.

Above all, for the total look, combine it with a flowing romantic boho blouse. You can also match it with a nice sweater, a cardigan or a leather perfecto. The poncho and the boots 👢 will complete your boho look in winter as well.

As an emblem of equality between men and women, pants are among the most worn clothes nowadays. Fluid in summer, denim or canvas in mid-season, velvet in winter... this fashion piece reinvents itself every season by offering you a multitude of different fits, colors and fabrics in order to personalize your style endlessly. The pants are definitely a great ally to compose beautiful boho chic outfits.

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