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Flare Jeans: Unquestionably In Vogue!

Flare Jeans: Unquestionably In Vogue!

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With its retro and flared fit, the flare jeans are among the favorites of the hippie chic style. Definitely trendy, it highlights your shape while lengthening your legs.

Flare jeans are denim pants that first appeared in the 70s. Emblem of the hippie fashion, this piece of clothing represents a whole generation as well as the Peace and love symbol ☮ and long hair.

Today, the babas cool's preferred jeans are back in force. Bohemian fashion is taking over this key item from the seventies that fits perfectly well in the hippie chic wardrobe.

So, how to wear flare jeans? Let's focus on Jane Birkin's favorite pants! 👇

What are flare jeans?

The flare jean is a denim with a tight fit at the thighs that gradually widens out from the knees to the hem. Not as tight as its 70's predecessor, the flare jeans are nowadays being reinvented in various forms. Whether long or short, more or less tight... there is something for everyone.

To better understand the popularity of these elephant pants, let's take a look at their history first.

The origins of the flare jeans

Long before its arrival in the hippie scene, the elephant pants appeared in the early 19th century to facilitate life for soldiers in the U.S. Navy⚓. Thanks to its flared fit, it could be easily removed without taking off their boots which was a great advantage. Also, sailors used to roll it up to avoid contact with water. Lastly, the elephant pants had a certain power of flotation in case of shipwreck, which justified its integration into the uniform!

In the 20's, Coco Chanel brought back the sailor pants in a feminine version, combining chic and casual. From the 60s-70s, the elephant pants became a symbol of the hippie movement. It embodies a desire for freedom and non-violence among a whole generation. Extremely popular in the seventies, it was worn by both women and men. The famous actresses Jane Birkin and Farrah Fawcett made it a key element of their style. In addition, the disco tendency took hold of the elephant pants as well, making them even cooler than ever.

Later on, the flare jeans made a comeback in the 2000s and after a short break, they are back in the spotlights, more trendy than ever. We love its casual side and its vintage touch evoking the madness of the 70s. Bye-bye to the rigidity of the skinny jeans and make room for flexibility!

Who can actually wear flare jeans?

Great news 😄, absolutely anyone can wear flare jeans. With its wide, slim, long or shortened version, these pants fit all women! Whether you are tall, short, thin or round, flare jeans will give you a slim silhouette and long legs when worn with heels or wedges.

Its fit will highlight your pretty, rounded backside while hiding slightly too thick calves. However, be careful not to choose a model that is too tight if you have any minor complexes, because these jeans emphasize the lower body. Moreover, its fit perfectly balances the V-shaped body types with wide shoulders.

  • What flare jeans when you are short?

Go for fitted flare jeans with a high waist and short fit to slim your figure. For example: a kick-flare that stops at the ankles, worn with heels 👠 to lengthen your legs.

  • What flare jeans when you are tall?

Opt for a loose, flowing fit so as not to accentuate your slender legs. Lucky you, the flare jeans will look just perfect on you! You may also dare a shortened or low-rise fit.

  • What flare jeans when you are curvy?

If you are curvy at the top of your body, the flared fit of the flare jeans will balance your silhouette and a high waist will hide your small belly. On the other side, if you have strong hips, you should choose a fit that is not too tight.

  • What flare jeans when you are thin?

To break up your slim figure and accentuate your curves, opt for a flare that marks your waist.

What to wear with flare jeans for a boho look?

Flare jeans are the ally of boho chic women in pants. Opt for a model that is not too faded nor too ripped, because their fit is sufficient. All shades of blue are allowed. Gray, beige or white are also great options.

Know that with this type of pants, many boho tops can be worn: vintage t-shirt, blouse, tunic, crop-top... Loose sweaters and long cardigans are also very stylish with flare jeans.

In addition to matching most of the clothes in your boho wardrobe, the flare jeans adapt to all seasons. Let's find out how!

How to wear flare jeans in summer?

In summer ☀ light colors are a must. We love white jeans that can be matched with a blouse or a boho tunic.

☑ With a boho blouse

The flare jeans match very well with a flowing blouse or a white blouse. Opt for a light and ruffled model, with lace or some embroidery for a romantic boho style. In addition, complete the outfit with a pair of seventies wedge sandals and some long necklaces.

☑ With a white t-shirt

Paired with a light colored t-shirt, the flare jeans provide a casual style. Opt for a basic or a vintage model to wear with white sneakers. And for a little chic touch, tuck your t-shirt into your belted high waist pants.

☑ With a crop-top

A high-waisted flare jean can be perfectly matched with a boho crop-top. We love the crochet or floral print crop top, very suitable with this type of pants. Don't forget to add a straw hat on your head 👒 and you're all set!

How to wear flare jeans in winter?

When cold weather approaches ❄ we love to nestle into warm, comfortable fabrics while remaining stylish. Flare jeans are ideal for facing the winter in a chic and elegant way.

☑ With a chunky knit sweater

An oversized sweater worn loose or a long cardigan will pair perfectly well with the flare jeans. To complete your look, add suede ankle boots and a boho handbag.

☑ With a leather perfecto

In an equally elegant style, go for the leather jacket and black ankle boots. Add some silver jewelry, a scarf, a trilby and you'll get a perfect boho rock look.

☑ With a long boho coat

The combination of flare jeans and a long coat works wonderfully. With this outfit, your boho chic look will be just perfect. And for an extra slim silhouette, consider heels.

What shoes to wear with flare jeans?

Just like the bootcut, the shape of the flare jeans is designed to match with boots. Its high waist and its fit lengthen the legs, especially when worn with heels or platform soles. However, there's nothing to stop you from wearing a flare with flat sandals, sneakers or Converse. Just remember to plan the right leg length according to the shoes you want to wear.

☑ With booties

For a boho chic look, opt for suede, leather (or faux), or square-heeled booties.

☑ With high heels

Opt for pumps with pointed toes so that only the front shows up. Instead of heels, you may also cheat with some platforms to gain a few centimeters.

☑ With wedge sandals

Perfect for gaining height, platform sandals will make life easier. Go for the models of the seventies with straw or wooden soles.

☑With flat shoes

If you are tall, you can definitely wear flare jeans with sneakers, flat sandals or Converse. If you're shorter, consider platform sneakers.

A must-have item of the hippie chic fashion style, flare jeans are blowing a wind of the seventies into our wardrobes. This 70's star regularly returns to the fashion scene and for good reason: its irresistible fit flatters about any figure. Combined with a boho top and heels it will bring a very trendy casual style. So, what are you waiting for?

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