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Which bag to match your Boho Dress?

Which bag to match your Boho Dress?

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The boho style is more fashionable than ever and plays on layering and mixing. Boho accessories are no exception to this rule. To obtain this pretty mishmash, focus on matching jewelry, hat, belt without forgetting the boho bag 👜 !

Very practical to store your keys, wallet or makeup, this fashion accessory enhances your outfit (and your personality) in the blink of an eye.

So, which bag to match with your boho dress? Which style to choose according to the season or your body type? Boho Vibe will help you out...

👉Follow our guide!

Which bag to choose for a boho style?

In addition to quality and practicality such as capacity and storage possibilities, the choice of your bag is of great importance when it comes to the boho look. To help you out in your choice, here are some tips to adapt this fashion accessory to your style and your desires.

The essential shoulder bag or leather messenger bag

The shoulder bag is very practical and has long adjustable straps that can be worn directly over the shoulder or cross-body. Its major advantage is that it allows you to have your hands free!

Whether in cloth, leather or suede, the shoulder bag is declined in many shapes: rectangular, rounded, pouch, trapeze, half-moon … Moreover, all fancy details are allowed: fringe, embroidery, patterns …

👉 With its multiple compartments, this shoulder bag is the ultimate working-mum's companion. It will accessorize all of your outfits, from the most elaborate for going to the office to the most casual for a night out in the weekend.

The leather messenger bag is equipped with a flap and two pockets. It opens in its center and often has a zipper while its flap closes with a magnetic clasp. With its shoulder strap, its zip pockets and its compartments to store your belongings, the messenger bag reminds us of the 70's and is particularly functional.

Leather is one of the key materials of the boho style. Highly resistant, this kind of bag can be kept for many years with a minimum of maintenance. Suede, more refined, is perfect for a boho-chic style, however it is more delicate. Animal protectors will prefer faux leather, which offers an equivalent look at a lower price. Although the wear is more rapid than with natural leather, faux leather has the advantage of being better resistant to water.

👉 Pair your white boho dress with this pretty Small Boho Bag for a boho-chic look.

The tote or the beach bag for their practical side

This soft and bulky bag that used to be used to go to the market �?� or to pick your fruits, is very trendy these days. With its large capacity, and its small handles, this bag is worn on the arm like a basket.

Ideal for shopping, carrying your beach towels or a picnic, the tote bag also makes a chic accessory. Initially conceived in woven straw, the tote bag is now available in canvas, cotton or even leather. Practical and lightweight, it will be your ally on any occasion. Its only flaw: they' re rather bulky and you better not spill it if you don't want all your stuff to end up on the floor.

👉 With a floral print dress, this woven straw beach bag will give a fresh spring look.

The satchel or the briefcase for going to the office

The satchel is a handbag made of leather or canvas and provided with a shoulder strap. As for the briefcase, it has a handle to be carried directly in the hand or placed on the arm. Inspired by school bags, it keeps a rectangular shape, but is no longer worn on the back. The satchel bag 💼 has a flap that closes with straps or buckles. A practical and stylish bag that can be carried on a daily basis and to the office.

👉 This Boho Essential Bag will perfectly match with a sweater dress.

The clutch bag for nights out or wedding celebrations

The clutch is a flat bag without handle and can be carried by hand or under the arm. Originally rectangular, it has taken on more original shapes nowadays. For those who do not like to have their hands caught, the clutch bag is equipped with a chain so that it can be carried over the shoulder as well.

This chic and elegant handbag known as clutch or minaudiere is ideal to bring a subtle touch of color. With its small size, only the essentials can be slipped in: wallet, pen, lip balm, tissues... do not expect of bringing your household! Not too bulky, the clutch is easy to wear on a night out. To match a clutch with a boho look, consider natural fiber models with bohemian ornaments: fringe, beads, tassels, ethnic patterns...

👉 For a stylish outfit, this boho chic clutch bag will match very well with a boho wedding dress.

The timeless drawstring or bucket bag

This purse-like handbag 💰 is absolutely timeless. Equipped with a shoulder strap or a handle to carry it, it can be closed with two drawstrings to be tightened. The drawstring bag is often decorated with studs, rivets or metal parts for a touch of rock. For a folk style, its leather drawstrings can be equipped with fringe or tassels. Whether in fabric or leather, there is an infinite number of ways to mix and match materials.

👉 With a flowing boho dress, either short or long, this boho bucket bag will provide a casual look.

The round bag for originality

Who said that a handbag should be rectangular? Since we like to break codes, the round bag matches perfectly with the boho style. Whether made of fabric, woven straw, raffia, rattan, crochet or leather, the round bag always adds that little boho chic touch. It can be equipped with handles or long shoulder straps. Although its small size does not allow you to carry all your stuff, it remains very stylish.

👉 This round boho rattan bag is perfect for sublimating a boho chic dress.

The backpack for travelers

As its name indicates, this bag is worn on the back. Equipped with two fabric straps to slip your arms through, the backpack is very practical for adventurous women and those who love to travel 🎒. Its zip compartments allow you to safely store your belongings. In cotton or canvas for a casual style or in leather for a vintage look. Its only flaw... watch out for theft on public transports because you cannot see what is going on behind your back.

👉 Wear this boho chic backpack with a nice tunic dress for an adventurous look.

As you can see, there are plenty of bag styles to choose from. Whatever you choose, always check on the quality of the material, lining, and stitching to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Which bag to choose according to your body type?

As with clothing, your bag can influence your general appearance. Therefore, it is important to select it carefully so as not to unbalance your silhouette. Basically, the volume of your bag should be relative to your body size while the shape of the bag will offset your body type.

To sum up, the taller and rounder you are, the larger and more structured your bag should be. On the other hand, if you are small and thin, opt for a more subtle bag with soft and rounded shapes.

  • Which handbag to choose for curvy women?

Rectangular shaped bags with angular edges will beautifully balance out your pretty, curvy figure. Go for a small, lightweight bag such as a clutch rather than a large satchel or tote bag that is way too imposing.

With a generous chest or hips, avoid shoulder bags. Instead, opt for a model with handles to be carried by hand. Also, don't pick large patterns that can weigh down your outfit. If you're looking for an XXL bag, don't go for rounded or too soft shapes.

  • Which bag to wear with a slim figure? 

A medium-sized bag with a rounded shape will add some volume to your slim figure. Round bags or purses will be perfect to counterbalance your thin silhouette. Dare colors, fringe and prints!

Again, avoid large backpacks and tote bags at the risk of completely disappearing 🙈. If you have a small chest, know that a shoulder bag worn cross-body will bring a little volume to your bust.

  • Which bag to choose when you are small?

Small women should opt for a mini bag worn on, or slung over the shoulder, or carried in the hand, depending on their desires. Forget about bags that are too bulky as well as maxi bags that could squeeze your silhouette.

  • Which bag for tall women?

Tall women can carry all kind of bags: tote bags, satchels, backpacks, messenger bags... However, avoid too small bags that could unbalance your appearance. To compensate your slim figure, opt for an oversized bag such as a Hobo bag.

Which boho bag to choose according to the season?

Your boho wardrobe changes with the seasons. In summer, blouses, tunics, skirts and lightweight cotton dresses are the order of the day, while in winter you might prefer an oversized knit cardigan or sweater dress.

With a refined, plain outfit, you can go for a more colorful or printed bag 🌼. Spice it up with tassels, fringe, beads and other boho spirit embellishments... With an already charged outfit, focus on simplicity by going for a neutral colored bag.

Obviously, the choice of your handbag will depend on your outfit but that's not all... in summer, you can bring your cotton, fabric, straw or crochet bags. They will be particularly pleasant to wear when the weather is hot. However, beware of humidity, because these materials are not necessarily waterproof.

In winter, when the weather is gloomy, it is advisable to choose a waterproof canvas or synthetic bag. A leather bag may also be waterproofed.

Among the most popular bags in 2021 are geometric bags, mini shoulder bags, XXL bags, animal print bags, and bags adorned with chain links or fringe.

Which boho bag to choose according to the occasion?

The style and size of your boho bag will depend on the occasion. The optimal solution is to have a practical and elegant model for everyday use and other types of bags to adapt according to different activities and events.

  • Which bag to choose with a boho chic dress?

For a chic event like a wedding, there's no need to pack too much. Opt for a smaller sized bag in order to carry only the essentials (credit card, phone, keys and makeup). A small round bag or a clutch will be just perfect.

  • Which bag to choose for a night out?

For a casual boho night out, opt for a drawstring bag, a backpack or a messenger bag that will allow you to slip in a sweater or a jacket to avoid getting cold.

  • Which bohemian bag to choose for going to the office?

At work, opt for a satchel or a briefcase instead of an XXL straw tote bag which can give a holiday feel, or consider the leather or imitation version. However, avoid the schoolgirl look by breaking the codes with a touch of originality and fantasy. The drawstring bag is also a good option.

  • Which bag to take on a trip?

For an excursion or a weekend with friends, consider the backpack. A rattan or crochet tote will be perfect to accompany you to the beach 🌞 as well as to a picnic in the countryside. Similarly, if you want to go shopping, opt for an XXL tote or a maxi-bag.

  • Which bag to choose for everyday use?

The shoulder bag is a definite must-have for everyday life. Opt for a messenger bag or a drawstring bag to achieve a stylish yet casual look. Also, consider some chic details that will make the difference - Fringe, tassels, beads or shells will be of the most beautiful effect. 

A real must-have element of the boho look, the bag completes your hippie outfit to perfection. Now that you know how to match your bag to your boho dress in any circumstance, you're ready to go 👌. It's up to you to experiment with the most beautiful matches in order to perfect your look while revealing your unique personality.

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