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How to wear the white Boho Dress?

How to wear the white Boho Dress?

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The white dress is a real bohemian fashion must-have. As a symbol of freshness, lightweight and purity, this dress will make you shine whether it's spring or summer. However, beware to choose your dress according to your body type. Even if the white dress is easily worn, you should still carefully select yours.

Discover how to wear the white dress at the office, on vacation or during a night out as well as some tips in order to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Choose your white dress according to your body type

At work or during a night out, you should avoid any taste errors at the cost of your reputation. Here are a few tips that will help you find the white dress that will enhance your body shape without missing out.

Not sure about your body type? Pyramid, hourglass, figure 8 or round silhouette? Discover yours in order to choose the right dress according to your body shape.

▶ For a slim, slender body shape, you may opt for a dress with a textured fabric that will add volume to your chest, shoulders or lower body. Well-placed embroidery or lace will allow you to play with these volumes.

▶ If you have a pyramid-shaped figure with strong hips or conversely, a sporty one with broad shoulders, consider using volumes to harmonize your silhouette. A bib collar is a good option to emphasize a small chest. Puffed sleeves will also draw attention to the upper body. Likewise, a draped, ruffled or pleated skirt will add extra weight to the lower body.

▶ If you have a round body shape, focus on simplicity. The white dress is known to make the silhouette look fuller. As a result, it is important to avoid ruffles or texture effects that will make you look heavier. Your silhouette will be highlighted by wearing a flowing wraparound dress that enhances feminine curves. A straight fit can also be practical for concealing a small belly, while long sleeves are ideal to slim down the arms. Lastly, don't forget to mark your waistline with a large belt.

Wearing a white boho dress at the office

Wearing a white dress at work is of course possible. However, there are a few rules to respect if you don't want to give the impression of being on vacation to your co-workers. It is important to at least make it look like you are actually working 😉 and this can be reflected by the way you dress.

The type of white dress to wear at work

In order to give a serious and elaborated image at the office, it is recommended to carefully select the model of your white dress. Avoid tight-fitting or on the contrary formless dresses as well as too short or too long dresses that can be worn for other occasions.

Likewise, avoid plunging necklines, bare shoulders or back as well as semi-transparent materials which are a little too sexy to wear at the office. Consider the lining that will save you from the translucent effect.

Favor a flowing and flared fit that tightens at the waist or under the chest with a wrap around, empire, trapeze or tunic style dress. Lastly, opt for V-necks, blouses or square collars as well as fake buttons and small chic details.

The key accessories to wear at the office

A pair of pumps, suede booties or colorful moccasins will look particularly trendy together with your white dress. You can also opt for sneakers for a very modern look. Nothing like a brown, colored or patterned bag to match with your white dress for spicing up your office outfit.

Remember to carry some gold or silver jewelry such as a nice watch that will make you look like a stylish businesswoman. Add a small, well-tailored suede or denim jacket and you're done!

Wearing a white dress during vacation

As the sunny days are approaching, the bohemian dream is calling for you. The lightweight white dress, with its refreshing and romantic feel, is the very essence of summer.

What kind of white dress for vacationers?

During vacations, everything is allowed (well, almost). The sophisticated makes place for the casual. Lose yourself in boho and hippie chic dresses and, above all, enjoy yourself!

Sexy white dresses, with thin straps or bare shoulders, ample and swirling fits, it's the perfect opportunity to fully assert your style. Dare to be fancy and original by wearing puffed sleeves, lace, embroidery or crochet.

Wear short or long without any restraint and allow yourself to wear whatever you don't dare to wear during the rest of the year.

Summer accessories

A small wicker basket, a fabric shoulder strap, a floppy hat, sunglasses and some fancy jewelry will add pep to your white outfit. Remember to wear sandals or mules for a casual style.

For cold evenings spent on the beach, bring a kimono or even a large knit vest for those who are sensitive to the cold.

Wearing a white boho dress during a night out

With a white dress, you are sure to catch the eye during a night out. The advantage? It will perfectly adapt to your moods and desires. Combined with a leather perfecto you'll get the boho rock look. In duo with a tailored jacket, the boho chic style is guaranteed.

The perfect white dress for a night out

For a formal evening, opt for a chic and elegant model with tulle, lace or English embroidery, for example. Know that empire or trapeze styles are ideal to enhance your silhouette and are suitable for most body types. Ruffles, smocked waists and puffed sleeves are also a great option in order to create a boho chic look.

For more sensuality, go for a plunging neckline or a wraparound collar that will enhance your bust. Show off the curves of your legs with an asymmetrical or split dress. Lastly, if you have fine shoulders, opt for a bare back style or a Bardot neckline.

Accessories for an evening gown

Bet it all on pretty pumps as well as chic jewelry. Hanging earrings, a necklace and / or bracelets. For a perfect boho chic outfit, add a small handbag to match your shoes and belt. Complement your outfit by wearing a small fine jacket or a silk shawl.

Fashion faux-pas to be avoided

You're done, you have chosen a beautiful white dress and you are ready to wear it? Please let us remind you of a few important rules to avoid making any faux pas.

Carefully choose your underwear

A problem with white clothes is that you can sometimes see through it. Although we all know that colored or black lingerie is to be avoided, we might think that wearing white underwear is the solution, which is not the case. So, which lingerie can be worn under your white dress?

For an invisible effect, opt for skin-colored lingerie that is close to your skin tone. Alternatively, opt for light gray or even red, which despite what you might think, remains quite subtle. Soft pink, pastel yellow or apricot are also good options for lighter skin tones. Prefer fine fabrics that perfectly adopt your curves while eliminating the use of lace.

To avoid revealing marks under your flowing white dress, opt for a molded or smooth cup bra. Your dress shows off your shoulders? Go for a strapless bra.

If you don't like wearing a thong, choose a seamless underwear to avoid unsightly marks. Another option is to wear boxers or shorts that completely cover your bottom. Lastly, you can also opt for leggings to shape your thighs, avoid wrinkles and hide panty marks.

What to wear underneath a transparent white dress?

Your white dress and its fine fabric are revealing a little too much? Unless if you want to adopt the beach style with a colorful swimsuit appearing under the transparency of your white dress, there are several solutions to keep your underwear invisible.

Think about a skin-colored or light-colored tank top to wear underneath your dress. The main thing is to create a fake lining. In the same concept, you can also find a special lining to be slipped under your dress, in a lingerie store. Lastly, a skin-colored nightgown can also do the trick.

How to avoid the “wedding dress” effect?

When wearing a white dress, you instantly think of the 👰 wedding dress, but all you need to do is add a few colorful accessories to counterbalance this effect.

If you want to stay in the bohemian spirit, a white dress can be embellished with a pair of beige or camel colored shoes, that will match with your handbag, for example.

You can also bring an oversized vest or a knitted wool cardigan to break the "princess" side. Also consider rock or folk accessories such as boots, hats or bracelets in leather, suede or velvet. Lastly, opt for jewelry and necklaces that will stand out with the white and highlight your personality.

Where to buy my white dress?

Now you know how to perfectly wear the white dress in order to shine either at work, on vacation or during a night out. Many different models of white boho dresses are available in our online store. Enjoy the shopping!

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