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Blue Boho Tapestry - Dream Catcher

  • Choose our magnificent Blue Boho Tapestry - Dream Catcher to bring a peaceful, dreamlike ambience to your space

    The light blue evokes serenity and relaxation, while the white dreamcatcher pattern is a symbol of protection and filtering of bad energy. Carefully crafted, our wall hanging is made from quality materials, ensuring durability and strength. It's easy to install with hooks or tacks. The dreamcatcher is traditionally used to filter out bad dreams and let the good ones through. It is often associated with spirituality and protection. With this wall hanging, you can create a calm, soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation and rest. The contrast between the light blue of the wall hanging and the clean white of the dream catcher pattern creates a delicate, harmonious aesthetic. This will bring a touch of softness and elegance to your home decor. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of this traditional symbol and create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere in your home.

    Details of Blue Boho Tapestry - Dream Catcher :

    • Boho Style
    • Material: premium polyester for vibrant colors and exceptional durability.
    • Twill fabric: strong and highly resistant to tearing and fraying.
    • Hand or machine washable, gentle cycle and mild detergent.
    • Prints will never lose color, crack or flake, even after repeated machine washing.
    • Limited stocks
    • Free delivery