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Boho Beads Necklace Heart Pendant

  • Bring a touch of vibrant color and elegance to your style with this Boho Beads Necklace Heart Pendant

    The combination of pearls and lapis lazuli stones creates a striking visual contrast that will captivate the eye. The pearls add a touch of warmth and luminosity, while the lapis lazuli stones add depth and sophistication. The intense blue lapis lazuli pendant has been appreciated for centuries for its natural beauty and spiritual properties. Its elongated appearance gives it a unique, elegant allure. The delicate gold-plated chain highlights the pearls and stones, while adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication. The length of the necklace is perfectly adjusted to highlight your décolleté and complement your outfits. This versatile necklace can be worn everyday to brighten up your look, or for special occasions when you want to make a bold style statement. It's the perfect choice for those looking for a unique and captivating accessory that will turn heads.

    Details of Boho Beads Necklace Heart Pendant :

    • Boho Style
    • Material: Natural Stone
    • Size: 19.7 inch
    • Making Technics: Full Handmade
    • Product condition: 100% New and Exquisite Quality
    • Limited stocks
    • Free delivery