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Boho long tunic patchwork asymmetric, flared sleeves

  • Description of the Boho long tunic patchwork asymmetric, flared sleeves

    This Boho patchwork asymmetrical long tunic with flared sleeves is a type of garment that combines several unique design elements to create a distinctive and fashionable look. The tunic extends below the waist. Its elongated shape is perfect for layering with leggings or jean shorts, creating a casual vibe. The patchwork design and boho style makes it unique and special. It is asymmetrical.Flared sleeves are a distinctive feature of this tunic. They start narrow at the shoulder and gradually widen to the wrist, creating a flowing bell-shaped silhouette. This design detail adds a touch of whimsy and femininity to the tunic.

    • Boho style
    • Shape: asymmetrical
    • Available in two models: blue, orange
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping