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Boho Short Flowy Skirt Cora

  • Description of the Boho Short Skirt with floral pattern, pompom cord

    This short boho skirt with floral pattern and tassel cord combines elements of boho style with a playful and feminine design. It is designed to be a fashionable and comfortable piece of clothing, perfect for warm weather and casual occasions. It features a short, flowing design that creates a comfortable, casual silhouette, with a floral pattern and tassel cord adding a touch of detail and elegance. Its unique details, combined with its comfortable, flowing silhouette, make it a standout piece that can be worn in many settings.

    • Boho style
    • Fabric: rayon
    • Fit: short skirt
    • Details: drawstring with tassels
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping

    _____SIZE GUIDE________

    Measurements (cm) Waist max. Length
    S 68 cm 46 cm
    M 72 cm 47cm
    L 76 cm 48 cm