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Elegant Boho Gold Bracelet

  • Discover our Elegant Boho Gold Bracelet, perfect for bringing a touch of elegance and style to your wrist

    Each bracelet is carefully designed with a unique motif, offering you a variety of styles to match your favorite outfits. Made from high-quality metal, these bracelets are both durable and long-lasting. Their shiny gold finish adds a touch of glamour to your look, whether for a special occasion or everyday wear. With this Elegant Boho Gold Bracelet, you have the freedom to mix and match styles to suit your mood and outfit of the day. Whether you wear them for a special evening, a formal occasion or simply to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday outfit, these bracelets are sure to make a splash.

    Details of Elegant Boho Gold Bracelet :

    • Boho Style
    • Set of 5 X Bracelets
    • 316 L Stainless steel : doesn't blacken or oxidize
    • Weight : 24 g
    • Limited stocks
    • Free delivery