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Stretchy Boho Bracelet - Natural Rhodonite

  • Stretchy Boho Bracelet - Natural Rhodonite : an elegant and soothing piece of jewelry that will complete your boho look

    Rhodonite is a natural stone renowned for its beautiful pink hues and characteristic black veins, and for its beneficial properties for emotional and physical well-being. Wear this Stretchy Boho Bracelet to benefit from its balancing and soothing properties. The bracelet's sleek design highlights the natural beauty of rhodonite. The beads are arranged in a balanced way, creating a harmonious, elegant look. This Stretchy Boho Bracelet Natural Rhodonite is perfect for everyday use, whether at work, in the evening or on special occasions. It is considered a healing stone that promotes self-esteem, emotional balance and inner peace. Get on trend with our Stretchy Boho Bracelet Natural Rhodonite and make a stylish statement while connecting to the soothing energies of this natural stone.

    Details of Stretchy Boho Bracelet - Natural Rhodonite :

    • Boho Style
    • Material: Rhodonite
    • Size: Adjustable
    • Making Technics: Full Handmade
    • Product condition: 100% New and Exquisite Quality
    • Limited stocks
    • Free delivery